Saturday, January 20, 2007

Show and Tell Friday

Since I leave the house before Knight and Jet are awake, I usually call to check in with Knight during my afternoon planning period. I like to hear how their morning went -- I really wish I could be here in the mornings to help them, but it's better all around for Jet. When Knight was working at my school as the IT Director, Jet had to be dropped off at his playschool at 6:45 every morning. Now, Knight drops him off at 8:15, and I usually pick him up at about 4:45. A much shorter day = a much happier Jet in the evenings.

Yesterday, Knight told me that they had a pretty rough morning. They got in the car, and got on their way. Suddenly, Jet says, "OH! My Buzz and my Woody!" He wanted to go back to the house to get these two toys. Knight told me that Jet was trying to tell him something else, but he couldn't understand. They were running a few minutes late, so Knight didn't turn around. Jet cried and hollered all the way to the playschool (about 10 minutes). I thought it was just difficult for him to get back into the routine. He didn't want to go when I took him on Thursday, either, but he had a great day once he got there.

When they got to the playschool, Knight found out that it was Show and Tell Friday. Suddenly, it clicked that that was what Jet was trying to say to him. Knight said he felt horrible. His teacher, who is quick on her feet (I guess you have to be with a room full of two and three year olds) grabbed a fire truck from another classroom for Jet and said he could show and tell that. Jet was thrilled -- he adores fire trucks.

When Knight first told me this, I thought that Jet couldn't really have remembered that it was Show and Tell Friday -- he's only two and a half! The more I thought about it, though, I realized that he probably did remember. He's a smart kid. And he's getting bigger and smarter everyday.

We do experience the "terrible two" moments, but overall this is a really fun age. He's learning something new literally everyday. He's incredibly enthusiastic and dramatic about everything (good or bad). It amazes me that God has given us this person in this little body who is big enough to make his own decisions about so many things. There are times when he's very blessed to be so darn cute. Sometimes it's what saves his hide! :)

At any rate, when I picked him up yesterday afternoon, his teacher told me that Show and Tell Friday went very well with the fire truck. I'll try to remember to put Buzz and Woody in his bag next Friday.

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Kevin said...

Awww... that was a real cute story. Kids are incredible, even at that age.