Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

Jet telling me about the Easter Egg Hunt at his school yesterday:

D: Where did all these eggs come from?

J: The Easter Bunny came and hid all the eggs outside!

D: Really?!

J: Yeah, I cleaned them up for him.

We're supposed to have an egg hunt at our church tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure it's been canceled. The high tomorrow is 48, and it's supposed to rain. Last year, there was a picture of Knight and Jet in the local paper. It was so cute!


The Roller Coaster Week

Things may have been quiet here on the blog, but definitely not in "real life". I think that's the reason why the blog has been quiet.

My great aunt passed away on Tuesday; she was 83 and ready to go home to Jesus after a lengthy illness. It's definitely a time of mourning for those still here, instead of for her. I wasn't close to her, but I went to the service Wednesday evening to be with my family. It was a nice service; lots of unfamiliar faces, but most of them knew who I was from pictures my aunt had. She loved her pictures!

I also bought this car for Jet's birthday! It was on super sale, marked down from $120 to $45 with free shipping. Thank you, Mir, for sharing the sweet deal! I had it shipped to my parents' house because it's a long time until June 21st, and storage is at a premium. My best whiny kid impersonation: Do I HAFTA wait until June to give it to him? He's gonna love it, and I can't wait to give it to him. I just hope I don't ratchet up the expectation of his reaction too high between now and then! I'm pretty sure it'll be the best present at the party, though. It's definitely his one and only gift from us.

I'm thinking I should buy a replica Hot Wheels car a couple of weeks before his birthday for us to play with. He loves cars (do you know a two year old boy that doesn't?)... Then I think it'll be awesome when he gets one big enough to ride in!!!

Knight was let go from his job yesterday morning. He worked for a small franchise computer-repair company as their small business specialist, setting up clients with networks, etc. He had already started looking for a new one, because it didn't seem like his boss was taking Knight's side of the business seriously (they also do residential computer repair and things). There was no money for advertising, his boss never "got around to" getting Knight's health insurance package put together... the list kind of goes on. He had been there four months.

I believe that this is a test of our faith; God wants to see if we're really walking the walk or just talking the talk about truly trusting Him to care for us. Are we truly seeking His plan for our lives? Are we going to wait on Him for guidance or panic and jump into the first money-making opportunity that comes along? We are determined to stay the course, praying for an overcoming of our unbelief. I love the story in Mark 9 about the father who brings his son to Jesus. Jesus tells him that "everything is possible for those who believe". The man's immediate response is "I believe! Help me overcome my unbelief!". We believe, but there are times when unbelief seems like it's winning the battle. So, we are praying for full faith in God and in His timing, because that is what is rewarded and "credited as righteousness".

Knight came home yesterday and did mounds of laundry, straightened up the house, vacuumed, and mowed the lawn! Yay, honey! Thanks for lifting that burden from me, even when you're going through the stress of having been let go. Isn't he amazing, folks? Let's give him a hand. No, really. I'll wait.

Did you applaud? Good. Because he deserves it!

Murphy was all over me yesterday at work; practically everything that could go wrong, did. So, I'm waaaaaaaaaaay behind on grading and other stuff. We have today off, but I'm going in for a little while this morning to get caught up and a few things ready for Monday. It's amazing what all I can get done when students aren't there and I don't have to actually teach! :-P

We have plans to get together with Deanna and Knight's side of the family this weekend; it will be a blast! We've really been trying to spend more time together; they live on the other side of Austin from us. It's not terribly far, but definitely too far just for dinner during the week, especially with the notorious traffic. So, we tend to get together for a whole Saturday.

That's the update for now!