Monday, July 30, 2007

The Nickel Tour

I finally have pics of the new decorations!

The window over the kitchen table:

The large window over the couch (note the snazzy throw pillows):

The new rug:

And the overall effect when walking in the front door is, I must admit, quite pleasing:

Yay! A big, BIG, HUGE thank you goes to Knight for hanging the valances. Thank you, Googly-Bear!


Here I am!

Once again, it has been forever since I've posted.

I took a road trip with my sister and Jet to visit our grandparents. The 7-hour car trip with Jet was not nearly as painful as I was expecting it to be. In fact, I still have about half of the 15 or so little toys I had bought to distract him throughout the trip there and back. (Yay for the Dollar Spot at Target!!) I was budgeting on giving him one every hour or so, but it wasn't necessary.

Also, we are officially potty-trained!!! (Well, I've been trained for a good 27 or 28 years, but JET has finally gotten the hang of it.) He made it all the way there with dry underwears, and only messed his pants once on the way home. We had stopped at a park for lunch and to let him play, and I think he was so excited to be able to run around a bit that he just forgot.

I have some cute pics from the trip that I hope to post soon. I managed to pack the USB cord for my camera, along with some batteries, but NOT THE CAMERA. Duh. I also forgot to pack something to sleep in. I ALWAYS forget to pack a nightgown. I honestly think that most of my pj's are from road trips.

Luckily, though, Tinkerbell brought her camera. She took some fantastic pics, and I'll post them as soon as she uploads them to her Facebook. (Andale, Tink!) Wal-Mart saved the day, er, night, with regards to the sleepwear.

I can't believe that summer is actually ending. Jet will start back to his playschool on Wednesday, and I'll go back to work. We'll have some short days this week, to wean me off of being home with him all day, everyday. I think the thing I'll miss the most is being able to scoop him up and get hugs and kisses anytime I darn well please. I know once inservice and school actually start, I'll be really busy. I usually don't even really think about how much I miss him until around 2:00 in the afternoon, and by then I'm two hours from heading home, so it's bearable.

I did get the valances made before we left town. The handsome and uber-talented Knight helped me hang them. In fact, the poor man had the entirety of his Saturday taken up with honey-dos. Don't worry, though, he was paid handsomely. With DINNER, people.... Sheesh. (Sorry, Dad.) I will post pics of the window treatments, soon. I also bought sheers and throw pillows and rugs, oh my! They are really beautiful.

My dad mentioned that it looks less like a college dorm now, with the windows done. I have to agree. I didn't really realize how much it would help me to feel like we live in a home instead of someplace we're renting. Everytime I walk in the door, I have a big sigh of "Oh, that's just SO NICE!!! And PRETTY!!" It just rilly, rilly, rilly makes me happy!