Monday, July 30, 2007

The Nickel Tour

I finally have pics of the new decorations!

The window over the kitchen table:

The large window over the couch (note the snazzy throw pillows):

The new rug:

And the overall effect when walking in the front door is, I must admit, quite pleasing:

Yay! A big, BIG, HUGE thank you goes to Knight for hanging the valances. Thank you, Googly-Bear!


Heather said...

Fun! I'm picturing it w/out all the fun colors and I see how thrilling it must be to walk into this everyday!

ann said...

looks beautiful!! when can i come and play??

Damsel said...

You've hit the nail on the head, Heather... it was SOOOOOO drab and boring, especially in comparison to what it is now!

Ann, we'd love to have you come play!

Deanna said...

Hah! Big Daisy's comment on your curtains was positive. She's happy that they will block out some light so she can see the TV!! She is soooo her father's daughter! I, however, love them for purely aesthetic reasons! Good job.

Tink said...


Damsel.. this is a PUBLIC blog, thank you.. keep the PDA to a minimum..

Tink said...

and p.s. you need to post some pictures in your blog of our trip. :] say yes!!

Lady M said...

Wow, so cheerful!