Friday, August 10, 2007

Can you tell that school started?

I started going back to work a little on August 1st, and we officially started inservice this past Wednesday. It's par for the course for the rest of my life to suffer for this period of about three weeks... family, blog, house... you name it. Several years ago, I finally realized that this is just how it is and I stopped feeling guilty about it.

However, I do have some great news to share. First, I joined Weight Watchers last week. My second meeting was last night and I'd lost three pounds! Yay! This all came about because my Granny usually likes to take me shopping for clothes when we're together. Now, usually, I don't mind one tiny little bit. This time, though, I wasn't ready to buy more clothes in my current size.

I'd been looking at joining WW for a couple of months. (I don't make fast decisions in areas like this. I want to be sure it's what I'm really ready to do before I make the financial and time commitment.) So, I told Granny about it and she offered to pay for my first three-month package. It's been really easy for the first week, even with the new chef at school providing lunch. Of course, I'm a data-driven, form-filling person, so the points system really works for me. Knight has been riding my coat tails a little... we figured out how many points he needs, and he's been paying more attention to how he eats. So, thank you, Granny!

Also, I have a cute Jet story (of course). He went back to his playschool on August 1st. I had not slept well the night before, which is rare for me. I had woken up a few times, and, well... everything is so much scarier and more emotional in the dark when you're exhausted, you know? I kept asking God for peace about our decision for me to go back to teaching this year. I was actually worried more about me missing Jet than about his health and safety and well-being at his playschool.

When we walked in the door, all of his friends were jumping up and down and ecstatic!! to see him after the summer. The whole class lined up to hug him. I had tears in my eyes as I watched him embrace each of his friends. There is nothing sweeter than the joyful emotions of three-year-olds, because they don't hold anything back.

After the hugs were done, he and three of his little boy friends stood in a circle and started talking. The conversation immediately turned to who was wearing big-boy-underwears and who wasn't, and, more importantly, what was on those big-boy-underwears. I caught Jet just before he pulled down his shorts to show off his baseball underwears.

I got back in my car and thanked the Lord for showing me what my Mommy-Heart so desprately needed -- that my son his happy and well-loved at school!

One more story before I head to work!! Jet was doing very well with potty-training, but he's had a tough time at school. It seems like he forgets until it's too late and then has an accident on the way to the potty. Last Friday, Mrs. P (the playschool director, who is good friends with my mom and who we know from church) was cleaning him up and had this conversation...

J, pointing: That's my pee-nit.

Mrs. P., seriously: Yes, it is. I heard you had an operation this summer?

J: Yes. The dop-ter fixed it.

Mrs. P: Oh, yes, that's good.

J: How's it look!?!?

Mrs. P, sputtering a little: Oh, um, it looks just fine.

J: Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my dear one, you will have your hands full with that little boy. I well remember some episodes with his PaPa. However, my lips are sealed. (I didn't say that my writing pen had run out of ink. Who knows what might spill out in the little memory book that I am writing?)
I am so glad you are doing well with WW. If so, it was well worth the price.

Ry said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That last story was a riot!
How wonderful that your prayer was answered!!

Anonymous said...

With the whole "accidents" thing, it could also be that he is just having too much fun to be interrupted to go to the potty. Especially if he's better at home than at school.

Good luck with WW. The program works wonders if you're committed enough to stick to it. (That's the hard part!)

ann said...

hey there -
i am here for you! to laugh with your silly stories, to listen when you need to talk, to encourage and challenge your mommy-heart. i am here - just don't forget

Deanna said...

...rolling on the ground....side splitting that boy!!