Monday, May 7, 2007


A few weeks ago, I noticed that my little site meter down there was nine hundred and something. I was all excited about approaching 1,000 visitors. I had thoughts of making up a really witty post to celebrate that one thousandth visitor.

Then.... life arrived on the doorstep of my daydreams, pounding with its usual demands of everything has to be done NOW, or, at the very least, YESTERDAY! And I missed seeing that magical number of 1,000. I don't know why I attached significance to it. Mostly it means that I stuck with this blogging thing for awhile, and it also means that people are coming to look at it. Really, it boils down to ego. I'm okay with that.

So, thank you to my visitors -- I need an ego boost now and again!

Hip, hip, hooray!


Three weeks and counting

Technically, I have two full weeks of teaching/reviewing and then exam week, and exam days are half-days. Yippee!!!

Except for the fetal pig dissections for my anatomy class, I'm not giving any more labs. The anatomy class is great, though, because they'll get everything out and clean up after themselves everyday. I don't have to do a thing.

I'm so ready for summer, when I'll finally be able to catch up on housework. My first big goal, though, is to get Jet potty-trained. He's so very ready, but I don't have enough days in a row to really work on it. Just last night, he was sitting in my lap watching a movie. Twice, he said, kind of panicky, "I'm tinkelin'! I'm tinkelin'!" and then he'd run into the bathroom and finish his business in the toilet. It made me laugh, though.

We made another trip to the library yesterday, where Jet picked out three or four books. Mommy and Daddy picked up some books, too. My granny used to take me to the library a lot when I was a kid, and I loved it. We're looking forward to establishing that same love in Jet. The library is going to have several things that I can take Jet to go do this summer, which is lovely because the library has AIR CONDITIONING. That's a priority around here!

Knight actually starts selling in his new job today. Up to this point, he's been working on IT stuff for his new boss. I'm praying he has a great first day. He's set some good goals for himself, I think... not that I know the first thing about selling or quotas, but the money part looks good! :)

Off to work ... only two Mondays left after today! Is it sad that the teachers count down with more excitement than the kids?


Sunday, May 6, 2007

I think I'm getting old

That's what I said to Knight when Jet came into our room this morning to wake us up at 7:30. (BTW, he's been sleeping all night in his bed all night most nights! Yay!)

Anyway, my school had its prom last night -- I was on the prom committee. I love our students in situations like this because they are such good kids. We had about 55 students come to prom (out of about 100 high schoolers), and I only had to tell about four couples that they were dancing a little too close. There weren't any disgusting moves on the floor or anything.

We had a fabulous DJ who knew our requirements for the music and followed them beautifully -- no profanity, vulgarity, no Britney, etc.

It was our first one that we had someplace else besides the school gym, and the place we found was amazingly perfect. It was just the right size for our small group, and very elegant.

However, Knight and I didn't get home until 1:00 this morning, and I don't think I got to sleep until about 1:45 a.m. I realize that I got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep, but... I really do need my 8 hours. I feel like I've been run over by a truck (and probably look like it, too).

Hopefully a few extra cups of coffee will hold me through church and until I can get Jet down for a nap and crash this afternoon! It was worth it, though. The kids had a great time, and it was so fun to see them all dressed up instead of in uniform!!