Sunday, May 6, 2007

I think I'm getting old

That's what I said to Knight when Jet came into our room this morning to wake us up at 7:30. (BTW, he's been sleeping all night in his bed all night most nights! Yay!)

Anyway, my school had its prom last night -- I was on the prom committee. I love our students in situations like this because they are such good kids. We had about 55 students come to prom (out of about 100 high schoolers), and I only had to tell about four couples that they were dancing a little too close. There weren't any disgusting moves on the floor or anything.

We had a fabulous DJ who knew our requirements for the music and followed them beautifully -- no profanity, vulgarity, no Britney, etc.

It was our first one that we had someplace else besides the school gym, and the place we found was amazingly perfect. It was just the right size for our small group, and very elegant.

However, Knight and I didn't get home until 1:00 this morning, and I don't think I got to sleep until about 1:45 a.m. I realize that I got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep, but... I really do need my 8 hours. I feel like I've been run over by a truck (and probably look like it, too).

Hopefully a few extra cups of coffee will hold me through church and until I can get Jet down for a nap and crash this afternoon! It was worth it, though. The kids had a great time, and it was so fun to see them all dressed up instead of in uniform!!


Ry said...

How fun!

Lady M said...

It feels like I spent the whole weekend catching up on sleep.

Forgot to add to my comment on the last post - we have cleaners come twice a month, and boy, is it great. Not worrying about scrubbing toilets and cleaning the stove. . . . not cheap, but worth it.

Damsel said...

Thanks, M... I'm still working on the guilt I feel about that sometimes! It all depends on Knight's job, but since I do the budget, I'm thinking I'll be working pretty hard to squeeze it in there! :)