Saturday, April 21, 2007

Why was he so quiet?

The result when your wife is in the shower and you are busy eating breakfast and not realizing that your two-year-old son has discovered a fascinating interaction between a small ruler and a laptop:

It wouldn't be funny except that I knew Knight could fix it, and he did. After we spent an hour turning the house upside down looking for Z.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Carrots are good for your eyes

In an effort to get Jet to eat his dinner the other night, Knight was telling Jet about his food.

K: "Carrots are good for your eyes! They help you see!"

J: "Yeah!"

K: "And cucumbers are good for your ears!" (yes, this is a little, um, misleading... )

J: "And cornbread is good for my BELLY!!"

Yep... that's about all it's good for, too. Except maybe your tastebuds.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Alas, there was no manatee...

We had a blast in Dallas on Saturday, even though I had three flake out on me. So, it was just me, the Bible teacher (who is one hilarious guy, and hereafter referred to as TBT), and four kids.
The Dallas World Aquarium was great, even though the manatee is no longer there, or at least refused to show himself. They've added tons of stuff since I was there a few years ago, including a forty-foot tunnel that you can walk through with a bull shark and rays swimming overhead. They had some awesome leafy sea dragons, jellyfish, a black jaguar, howler monkeys, a huge and very ugly goliath grouper, and some really pretty lionfish.

The four students we took are great students, and they were really into the aquarium. Somehow we entered from the wrong way and walked against the flow the whole time; we joked about that quite a bit. Pretty sure that'll be brought up and used against me at some point in class. :)

We ate lunch at TGIFriday's in West End, where we ended up in the bar because it was so crowded. While we were waiting, I snapped a couple of pictures, and afterwards I realized that there were rows of liquor bottles behind the kids in the photos. Nice. One of them commented that those definitely needed to be in the yearbook. I think not. (I can see the caption now: Science Club Sponsor Takes Students to Bar for Field Trip.)

Rather than waiting for a table, we stayed in the bar to eat. TBT and I sat AT the bar, while the kids sat in tables behind us. Interestingly, we ran into a guy that TBT knew from Austin - he had helped develop the curriculum that TBT is using this year. Small world.

I was pretty tired by this point, and it was a bit difficult to resist the Shiner Bock on tap that was ten feet to my right. That would have been so yummy and relaxing. TBT suggested a margarita. Ultimately, though, we decided to set good examples for the young'uns, and stuck to our Diet Coke and water.

We also had a great time at The Palace of Wax and Ripley's Believe it or Not. In the Ripley's part, where you first walk in, there's a mirror and a cool display about how some people can roll their tongue and others can't. It talks a bit about the genetics of it (yes, it's genetic) and encourages you to try to roll your tongue. The most hilarious part is that, after you've gone all the way through the thing, you get to the end and the mirror is TWO-WAY. You can stand there and watch other idiots try to roll their tongues and make stupid faces, while feeling first a little embarrassed for yourself and gradually progressing to feeling embarrassed for them. I had to practically drag the kids out the door -- I think they would have stayed there laughing at people for hours.

While we were in Dallas, I figured out that there is a Body Worlds exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science. Because I don't have enough to do, I'm toying with taking some of my anatomy students to see it. I took last year's anatomy class to a different exhibit in Houston last year, and it was just incredible. It's graphic, but extremely educational and definitely leaves an impression. I'd love to see it myself. We nearly ditched the Palace of Wax to go this past weekend, but there's a substantial price difference between the two.

A good time was had by all, especially since TBT drove back to Austin. I don't do well in the afternoons -- I get tired and a bit cranky. He and I are alike in many ways, as he pointed out early that morning when I offered to drive up to Dallas if he would drive back. This is true - there's a mini contest to see who gets to the school earliest in the morning (or maybe that's in my head). The math teacher has us both beat. I think he gets there around 5:30 or some ridiculous hour like that. TBT and I are usually there around 6:45 or 7:00.

So, if you're going to be near Dallas anytime soon, check out the aquarium. It's amazing, especially if you have a TBT of your own to drive you home. :P