Saturday, May 26, 2007

From a Jet's eye point of view

Our son is a budding photographer. We taught him how to take pictures today, and I was surprised at how well he did. As I flipped through the pictures, it hit me that he really does see the world from a very different angle.

Here is his first exhibit. We'll call it On the Way to Nana's.

Out the front window:
Out the side window to the right:
Back of Knight's head:
Out the window to the left:
Ooh! Feet! In Sandals!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What is love?

Love is:

  • prying off the baseboard under the bathroom sink to treat for cockroaches after reading your wife's blog post about squicking and shuddering over them
  • doing your dead-level best to find the best job that will meet your family's needs as well as your own personal needs
  • scooping vomit out of the car seat after your son throws up on the way to church
  • cleaning out the same car later that same evening, including removing said car seat to clean it and wash the cover
  • offering to stay home with the boy so that your wife can attend her sister's graduation because apparently all the teenage girls in town are also attending the same graduation and none are available to babysit

Sorry ladies, he's taken. :)


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In which I screamed like a little girl

... or at least wanted to rilly rilly bad.

Confession: We have a cockroach problem. It's not a big problem, numbers-wise. I've seen maybe 5 since we moved in last October. It IS a big problem, squicking-out-wise, because these suckers are so big they should be able to drive Jet's trucks around. And maybe they do in the middle of the night. ewwww, *squick, squick, shudder*

I've mostly seen them in Jet's bathroom, which happens to be where I get my beautiful self ready every morning.

We bought those little bait stations and Knight put them down about a month ago, even though we hadn't seen them in awhile. I'm dubious that they work, however, because the openings to those things are so small and our roaches are so frickin' huge. They're honestly 1 1/2 to 2 inches long. ewwww, *squick, squick, shudder*

This morning, I saw another one. I've taken to gingerly reaching in to switch the light on with one finger before stepping foot in the bathroom. That way I can inspect the place without possibly coming into contact with one of the enemy. (I actually did that once, but it's not appropriate to be shared here. This is, after all, a family blog, and many dirty words were uttered that fateful morning.) I followed my normal reconnaissance method this morning, and I saw some movement out of the corner of my bleary, still-sleepy eye. That eye quickly snapped to attention, ever ready to mount an investigation. Sure enough, there he was. ewwww, *squick, squick, shudder, do the don't-touch-me-dance*

I backed away slowly, though not gracefully. I have a live-and-let-someone-else-kill-it stance when it comes to cockroaches. I can't stand to squish them because they *shudder* crunch. I think of it as, "Hey, Roach - you can have this space, for now, and I'll just go in the other room and make my coffee and post about this while you find your way back home. Then I'll come in here and get ready, but later? Yeah, you can bet your crunchy butt I'm gonna sic my Knight in Shining Armor on you. Then you'll regret ever messing with me!!!"


Monday, May 21, 2007


You are now reading the blog of a Master Chocolatier! You should feel honored that I deign to share my opinions and tidbits of joy with you, o humble non-master-chocolatier. *evil laugh* Hahaha. HA!HA!

On a side note: The music didn't work for Jet tonight. He ended up drinking some warm milk and falling asleep on Knight's lap.

On another side note: I actually had a student write "tits" instead of "teats" on the fetal pig lab practicum today. Really makes me wonder if I'm having any impact at all. *knock, knock* "Anybody home in there, McFly?" :P

Oh, well. Ya win some, ya lose some. *sigh*


One More Monday

Today is my last Monday at school! It's also my last full day -- tomorrow we start final exams, and those days are half days.

I'll be pretty busy today, though. I have to type up the fetal pig practicum for my anatomy class, and write four exams. Whee.

Jet is wearing big boy underwear to school today. I'm asking Knight to send about four extra changes of clothes... I'm really hoping that having him in the underwear at school this week will help.

The music worked again last night, mostly. We had to help him back to bed once, about 20 minutes after he laid down. Actually, Knight did that, and I was asleep by the time he got back to bed. :P Hope it went well.

Ya'll have a happy Monday!


Sunday, May 20, 2007


Last night was the THIRD night in a row that playing kid-friendly music at a louder volume helped Jet go to sleep on his own. In fact, it was the best one yet.

We walked in his room together (usually, I have to carry him in because he won't go on his own). He climbed in his bed all by himself and arranged his pillow. I covered him up, then crossed the room to close the closet door (thankyouverymuch, Monsters, Inc.) and turn on the music. I crossed back to his bed, planning to kiss him goodnight and try to walk out of the room, but fully expecting him to cry and ask me to pat him. However, after the kiss, I told him that I was going to play cards with Daddy, and he said, "Okay." Then he rolled over and closed his eyes!

I went into the kitchen to play cribbage with Knight, and he never came out of his room. It was fantastic!
The Adventures of the Big Boy Underwears went fairly well yesterday, too. He pooped in the first pair about an hour after I put them on him, but then only had one other wet accident later in the evening. He even survived a 1 1/2 hour trip to the park to feed the ducks and throw rocks in the water without a mess. Yay!

This morning, however, has been another story. Yesterday, I decided not to go to church this morning because I'm positively drowning in laundry and it's the last week of school. Basically, if I can get my house in order this weekend, this next week will be a breeze for me at school because I won't be stressing about how messy the house is. Plus, it's youth Sunday, which is an awesome thing, but I just don't feel terribly guilty for choosing not to go today since our pastor isn't speaking.

Anyway, Jet has had three accidents this morning. I haven't changed anything about the way I'm reminding him every 20-30 minutes. Maybe the novelty has worn off or something. One time, he managed to get his leg all wet but his underwear remained dry. I'm oddly curious about this. (TMI? Sorry.)

Also, I wanted to document how incredibly tiny and cute these underwears are. They remind me of the first newborn diaper I picked up to put on him. That diaper was about the size of my hand. These underwears are bigger than that, obviously, but still so very tiny!