Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What is love?

Love is:

  • prying off the baseboard under the bathroom sink to treat for cockroaches after reading your wife's blog post about squicking and shuddering over them
  • doing your dead-level best to find the best job that will meet your family's needs as well as your own personal needs
  • scooping vomit out of the car seat after your son throws up on the way to church
  • cleaning out the same car later that same evening, including removing said car seat to clean it and wash the cover
  • offering to stay home with the boy so that your wife can attend her sister's graduation because apparently all the teenage girls in town are also attending the same graduation and none are available to babysit

Sorry ladies, he's taken. :)


Heather said...


Deanna said...

Dang, I must have done something right raising that BOY! (honestly, I really just hit him in the head a lot!)

Lady M said...

It totally is.

Roaches - ick!

ann said...

how awesome!!
he wanted to make sure you wouldn't stock-pile those empty plastic containers. like this one girl i know does. she is silly!!