Saturday, January 20, 2007

Show and Tell Friday

Since I leave the house before Knight and Jet are awake, I usually call to check in with Knight during my afternoon planning period. I like to hear how their morning went -- I really wish I could be here in the mornings to help them, but it's better all around for Jet. When Knight was working at my school as the IT Director, Jet had to be dropped off at his playschool at 6:45 every morning. Now, Knight drops him off at 8:15, and I usually pick him up at about 4:45. A much shorter day = a much happier Jet in the evenings.

Yesterday, Knight told me that they had a pretty rough morning. They got in the car, and got on their way. Suddenly, Jet says, "OH! My Buzz and my Woody!" He wanted to go back to the house to get these two toys. Knight told me that Jet was trying to tell him something else, but he couldn't understand. They were running a few minutes late, so Knight didn't turn around. Jet cried and hollered all the way to the playschool (about 10 minutes). I thought it was just difficult for him to get back into the routine. He didn't want to go when I took him on Thursday, either, but he had a great day once he got there.

When they got to the playschool, Knight found out that it was Show and Tell Friday. Suddenly, it clicked that that was what Jet was trying to say to him. Knight said he felt horrible. His teacher, who is quick on her feet (I guess you have to be with a room full of two and three year olds) grabbed a fire truck from another classroom for Jet and said he could show and tell that. Jet was thrilled -- he adores fire trucks.

When Knight first told me this, I thought that Jet couldn't really have remembered that it was Show and Tell Friday -- he's only two and a half! The more I thought about it, though, I realized that he probably did remember. He's a smart kid. And he's getting bigger and smarter everyday.

We do experience the "terrible two" moments, but overall this is a really fun age. He's learning something new literally everyday. He's incredibly enthusiastic and dramatic about everything (good or bad). It amazes me that God has given us this person in this little body who is big enough to make his own decisions about so many things. There are times when he's very blessed to be so darn cute. Sometimes it's what saves his hide! :)

At any rate, when I picked him up yesterday afternoon, his teacher told me that Show and Tell Friday went very well with the fire truck. I'll try to remember to put Buzz and Woody in his bag next Friday.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bye-bye "pie-cicles"

Jet and I spent some time saying bye-bye to the "pie-cicles" (his combination of popsicle and icicle, I guess) this morning. Jet's playschool reopened today, so I took him. We had a blast over the five-day weekend, but I know he'll be better off getting back into his routine.

My school is still closed today. Apparently the campus is still iced over pretty badly. Darn! However, you can say a prayer for my two turtles (Fred and Gerald) that live in the classroom. I'm kinda worried about them -- haven't fed them since Friday last week, and I don't know what the temperature has been in the room... Hopefully they'll do their reptile thing and hibernate a bit.

I took these pictures this morning. Everything is melting. I know for my bloggy friends further north, the ice isn't that remarkable, but everything grinds to a halt around here. We don't have the equipment to deal with it well or the confidence to drive in it (as evidenced by the three hundred kazillion calls to 911 reported on last night's news). So, we get to snuggle down in the house and play together! For days and days on end! Yay!

Knight and I are going to have a lunch date today at a local cafe. Awhile back, we decided that anything we did without Jet qualified as a "date". We've had dates to Wal-Mart and Home Depot, for pete's sake. It's fun to just be out by ourselves sometimes without wrangling an active two-year-old boy. Sometimes I forget how nice it is, and how much we need it. So, I think lunch with him will be very nice today.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Psst, hey! Wanna talk to a human?

This is not a fake-Rolex-from-the-weirdo-on-the-street scam. Promise.

The very, very pretty Mir at wantnot posted this today. Very useful for avoiding the endless cycles of "...please press one or stay on the line. Para instrucciones in espanol, oprima numero dos."

On a related note, did you know that cell phones have a limited number of digits you can dial during any one phone call? Not kidding. I was trying to get to a human at my credit card company (back in the day when we were foolishly using those evil things) and had to enter my 16-digit card number twice in the process, in between the ones and twos, etc. After that, my phone wouldn't let me enter anymore numbers. Humph. For that, I cut up the cards. :)

Anway, bookmark the site and please go thank her! Don't forget to tell her she's pretty. Because she likes it and we need to keep her happy so she'll keep posting all of this cool stuff and because she probably really is pretty. If I ever find out for real I'll be sure to let you know. Not that I think she wouldn't be pretty ... umm... *awkward turtle*.

P.S. Many thanks to the very hot and handsome Knight for teaching me some HTML and how to put some links in the text!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'll save you, Mommy!!

Jet's newest thing is to randomly run to me yelling, "I'll save you, Mommy!!" (from what, I've yet to discover, but it doesn't really matter to me). He clambers up into my lap and says, "I'm saving you, Mommy!"

I managed to convince him at one point that, in order to save me properly, he had to wrap both his arms around my neck and hug me. So he did this for awhile.

Then, I convinced him that I really needed a kiss to feel saved. He complies with that now, too. :)

It's cheap, but it's still toddler hugs and kisses. From Jet. Which I'll take any way I can get.


Calorie-Free Cuppycakes

This one is too cute!

For what it's worth, I did find a low-cal sweet treat that is amazing. Jello makes Dulce de Leche pudding cups that are vanilla pudding with caramel sauce. They're sugar-free and only 60 calories per cup... the trick is not sitting around and eating three of them in one sitting because you're cooped up due to inclement weather and going a tad bit crazy. I'm just sayin'.


No Snowmen... yet.

It actually snowed some today. Real snowflakes! So, of course, we took Jet outside to experience it. After our adventures yesterday of taking pictures of him while we were outside, he wanted to take his camera outside to take pictures, too.
He says, "Daddy, scoot closer to Mommy! Say 'cheese'!" Then he makes the sound of a camera taking a picture, and says, "Thank you!" He looks down at his camera and says, "Cute!"
We had a blast crunching around on the icy grass. He marveled at all the ice on Daddy's car ("Dat's COLD!") and ate more icicles.
They're forecasting more snow later today, though I doubt it will stick for long. It's still fun to be home together! Tomorrow... might be feeling a tad cabin-feverish. :)


Monday, January 15, 2007

Ipod and Ice

I finally bought an Ipod a couple of days ago. Granted, it was used (gotta love Craigslist), and it's a Shuffle. Small and cheap. Really, though, why would I need more than 250 songs at any one time? At three minutes per song on average, that's about twelve and a half hours of music. I really only want it while I'm taking walks, and I just don't see myself walking for much longer than that.

The guy I bought it from had purchased it, then his mom got him a Nano for his birthday a few days later. He had used it twice. I got a good deal on it -- paid $10 less than what I expected. Dave Ramsey would be proud.

The guy was very nice. All in all it was a great transaction. He had a really cool apartment, too -- with huge lime green circles on the wall, and some very feng-shui asian decor. As we left, we kinda figured he was batting for the other team, if you know what I mean. On the way home, I flipped through the music he had left on the Ipod... Debbie Gibson, Paula Abdul, lots of Mariah Carey, some really good jazz... Suspicions confirmed, I think.

Everything is iced over here. Seems like a great day to run some more laundry and import my CD collection to my ITunes library. Might even scrub a bathroom or two. Woo-hoo!

I already had today off for MLK, but Knight is home as well due to the weather. It's nice to be home together and relax, since we *can't* go run errands or anything. We're also watching Superman Returns. Again.

All in all, I think it will be a great day.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Annual Second-Sunday-In-January Nap

Jet has been avoiding his nap while at home the last few weeks. Today, though, Mommy needs a nap. Therefore, Jet naps. Fortunately for me, he only argued for about 2.2 seconds.

Today is a great day for a nap. It's about 38 degrees outside, and wet. I made beef stew, and we ate that when we got home from church. Now, bellies full, we rest. Just as God intended.