Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bye-bye "pie-cicles"

Jet and I spent some time saying bye-bye to the "pie-cicles" (his combination of popsicle and icicle, I guess) this morning. Jet's playschool reopened today, so I took him. We had a blast over the five-day weekend, but I know he'll be better off getting back into his routine.

My school is still closed today. Apparently the campus is still iced over pretty badly. Darn! However, you can say a prayer for my two turtles (Fred and Gerald) that live in the classroom. I'm kinda worried about them -- haven't fed them since Friday last week, and I don't know what the temperature has been in the room... Hopefully they'll do their reptile thing and hibernate a bit.

I took these pictures this morning. Everything is melting. I know for my bloggy friends further north, the ice isn't that remarkable, but everything grinds to a halt around here. We don't have the equipment to deal with it well or the confidence to drive in it (as evidenced by the three hundred kazillion calls to 911 reported on last night's news). So, we get to snuggle down in the house and play together! For days and days on end! Yay!

Knight and I are going to have a lunch date today at a local cafe. Awhile back, we decided that anything we did without Jet qualified as a "date". We've had dates to Wal-Mart and Home Depot, for pete's sake. It's fun to just be out by ourselves sometimes without wrangling an active two-year-old boy. Sometimes I forget how nice it is, and how much we need it. So, I think lunch with him will be very nice today.

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