Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Psst, hey! Wanna talk to a human?

This is not a fake-Rolex-from-the-weirdo-on-the-street scam. Promise.

The very, very pretty Mir at wantnot posted this today. Very useful for avoiding the endless cycles of "...please press one or stay on the line. Para instrucciones in espanol, oprima numero dos."

On a related note, did you know that cell phones have a limited number of digits you can dial during any one phone call? Not kidding. I was trying to get to a human at my credit card company (back in the day when we were foolishly using those evil things) and had to enter my 16-digit card number twice in the process, in between the ones and twos, etc. After that, my phone wouldn't let me enter anymore numbers. Humph. For that, I cut up the cards. :)

Anway, bookmark the site and please go thank her! Don't forget to tell her she's pretty. Because she likes it and we need to keep her happy so she'll keep posting all of this cool stuff and because she probably really is pretty. If I ever find out for real I'll be sure to let you know. Not that I think she wouldn't be pretty ... umm... *awkward turtle*.

P.S. Many thanks to the very hot and handsome Knight for teaching me some HTML and how to put some links in the text!

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Kevin said...

The gethuman project is awesome. I heard about it back about a year ago when it was titled something different. So awesome!

And hey, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to come back and spread the word!