Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Snowmen... yet.

It actually snowed some today. Real snowflakes! So, of course, we took Jet outside to experience it. After our adventures yesterday of taking pictures of him while we were outside, he wanted to take his camera outside to take pictures, too.
He says, "Daddy, scoot closer to Mommy! Say 'cheese'!" Then he makes the sound of a camera taking a picture, and says, "Thank you!" He looks down at his camera and says, "Cute!"
We had a blast crunching around on the icy grass. He marveled at all the ice on Daddy's car ("Dat's COLD!") and ate more icicles.
They're forecasting more snow later today, though I doubt it will stick for long. It's still fun to be home together! Tomorrow... might be feeling a tad cabin-feverish. :)


Yolanda said...

Very cute how quickly he's gotten his camera technique down :) We just returned to Texas for warmth! This ice stuff truely has got to go (permanently I hope).

acceb127 said...

TOO CUTE!!!!! I wish I were there to eat "popcicles" and crunch the grass! We've been snowed in up here, too. Mikel started to take us (being me, Carolyn and Tiana) to the movies on Sunday, but the movie theater was closed (dumb, dumb.) So what did we do? All went back to his apartment and did *ALMOST* an entire 1000 piece puzzle. Think it was of something having to do with a shipwreck? Not sure. My eyes started to cross about 6 hours into it.

Supposed to get MORE next weekend. *Sigh* For now, it's tea, a book, and to bed early as we nurses-to-be don't get days off just b/c of a silly thing like ice, snow, and invisible roads.

Love you!