Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's official

My status as temporary stay-at-home-mom began this afternoon when I picked up Jet from his last day at playschool.

I'll admit that I'm a little scared. I know I don't have to keep him entertained 24/7 -- he's really pretty good at playing on his own. I just don't think I can compete with his playschool in regards to having his friends there and constantly switching tasks. I even had his teacher copy their schedule for me. I'm hoping I can get some fun ideas from the internet so we have some activities.

We will be taking swim lessons. I have two choices through our local Parks and Recreation department. One is the "Starfish - Parent and Tot" (up to 3 years old) and the other is "Frog I - Preschool" (3-4 years old). My issue is that Jet will turn three on June 21st, so I don't know which one to take. The Starfish course description says, "This class is for parents and tots to learn general safety and swimming techniques while enjoying the water environment"; the other one describes a lot more activities, such as submerging the face for 3 seconds, blowing bubbles, move through water comfortably, etc.

Jet has never been much of a water kid. He likes his bath, as long as it's in his bathtub, with his toys and we keep the routine. He's never liked "Splash Days" at his playschool because he doesn't like to be splashed. Knight can't believe this is his kid -- he grew up on a shrimp boat. I, on the other hand, have never been a strong swimmer. I'm thinking the first one will be more beneficial to both of us. :) They're both 30-minute classes, four days a week, for two weeks. They only cost $30. At least it will be something to get us out of the house!

I went to the jeweler this afternoon. He took one look at my finger and claimed that my ring was too tight. I told him that it wasn't, and he decided to measure my ring and finger "to be sure". It's not too small. He said he couldn't do anything about it, but cleaned it well for me. I never realize how dirty the poor thing gets until someone does a good scrub on it! He did send home some cleaning fluid and advised me to clean it every evening to clean off the body oils. Maybe I should get a second opinion?

I also got this new phone today. I was eligible for a $150 credit for my old one, and I picked this one for two reasons. First, it is red. And red is fun. Second, it's bluetooth enabled. I could get them to waive the activation fee if I bought an accessory, so I got the headset to go with it. I've really gotten nervous about driving while holding my phone, and I think Texas is going to pass a law that says you can't anyway (if they haven't already done so...?). Hopefully I can adjust to using the headset pretty easily.

Off to play with my new toy!


New Frog "Ungrella"

A gift from Aunt Beezneez last weekend:

Jet has carried it everywhere this past week; he was actually able to use it this morning! He carried it (while I carried him) into his playschool this morning, and his friends were all duly impressed.

Good job, Beezneez! He loves it!


No, really, I'm married!

I'm not wearing my wedding ring these days. I love the ring (and my husband!), but I've started having some sort of reaction to it.

The inside of the ring has "I love you" cut out of the band underneath the diamonds, which is the reason why Knight bought it. Something is going on, though, because the skin on my ring finger under that portion of the ring started chafing. Because I refused to quit wearing the ring, eventually it got really bad, swelling and oozing yucky stuff. I know, it's gross!

I quit wearing it last Saturday, and my finger is healing. It's still scarred, but I'm hoping it heals well. I'm going to take it to a jeweler today to see what's up. Maybe he can coat the inside of the ring with something clear so I can still see the "I love you".

I feel really naked without the ring, though, especially when I'm out with Knight and Jet. I know that people probably don't look as often as I think they do, but I don't want them to think we're not married. Knight doesn't wear his ring -- all of my good home cookin' has made the ring shrink mysteriously. :)

Anyway, I hope my ring can be fixed easily (and cheaply!).


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big enough, but still little

We went to the library over the weekend. It's so nice -- all big and new and clean!

Jet loves to climb this staircase. Last time we were there, I knew I needed to get a picture of him doing this. The juxtaposition of his little self being big enough to climb this huge set of stairs really does something to my heart.



BTW, prepare thyselves for an onslaught of posts in the next couple of days. There have been many happenings in the Knight/Damsel/Jet clan. I've not been able to blog, though, precisely because of all those happenings. I shall update you as I'm able.

First things first, though. You may or may not know that bargains make my heart go pitty-pat like almost nothing else can. FREE things make it pitty-pat even faster. Free things that I wanted ANYWAY... ? Swoon! Get the smelling salts!

The incredibly Pretty Mir at wrote this post about free movies at the movie theater! It sounds like a blast, and I'm hoping that some friends and our kids can partake of a few this summer!