Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jet's Dictionary, part two

He's really not a toddler anymore, but he still says some really cute things.

Cherry lime-uh-lade: noun a beverage consisting of lime juice, a sweetener, plain or carbonated water, and maraschino cherries; usually obtained from Sonic, but can now be made at home (ex: "Mommy, my throat hurts. Can I have a cherry lime-uh-lade?")

Lasterday: noun the day preceding this day, or anytime a few days in the recent past (ex: "Lasterday we went to Thanksgiving in Oklahoma!")

Squirter-gun: noun a toy gun that shoots a stream of liquid (ex: "Mommy, fill up my squirter gun so I can squirt it!")

Glubs: noun a fitted covering for the hand with a separate sheath for each finger and the thumb (ex: "MOMMY! I can't get my fingers in my glubs!")

DVD clayer: noun a machine used to translate digital images from a disc to a viewable screen (ex: "I wanna watch a movie on my DVD clayer!")

Extercisers: noun a heavy object (in this case, two pounds), such as a dumbbell, lifted for exercise (ex: "Look, Mommy! I'm pushing these extercisers over my head!")

Extercise: noun bodily exertion, esp. for the sake of training or improvement of health (ex: "I wanna extercise wif dose extercisers, too, Mommy!")

Mikerwave: noun an electrically operated oven using high-frequency electromagnetic waves that penetrate food, usually sausage biscuits, causing its molecules to vibrate and generating heat within the food to cook it in a very short time (ex: "I wanna push da but-tons on da mikerwave!")

Fiderajer: noun a box in which food, drink, etc., are kept cool by means of ice or mechanical refrigeration (ex: "Da cheese is in da fiderajer!")

Tri-nangle: noun a closed plane figure having three sides and three angles (ex: "I wanna piece of dat tri-nangle cheese!")