Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Last night was soooooo fun! It was exactly like the last three or five New Year's Eves that Knight and I have spent together. My last thought was something like this: I looked at the clock and thought, "If I could just stay awake for another hour and a half, we could ring in the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...."

Yes, the Knight and Damsel family KNOWS how to par-tay. The sad part is that a horrible headache drove me from the bed at 7:30 this morning, and refused to leave me alone until about 11:00. Yay for cedar fever and allergies! I was pretty frustrated by the whole thing because I really did feel hungover, but didn't have even a single sip of alcohol the night before. I felt like I was doing the time without doing the crime.... er... not that I actually KNOW what a hangover feels like (hi, Dad!).

We spent the day with Knight's sister and family in South Austin today. Knight and I actually had something of a mini-date! Yes, it's true! They volunteered to watch Jet while we went to a matinee of the second National Treasure movie. I can't really remember the last movie we went to see in the theater together. It must have been last summer, though, because I remember Knight getting several free tickets for doing some electrical work in the new theater in town. I just can't STAND paying $8 or $10 or whatever to sit and watch a movie that I can't even PAUSE when I need to go potty. Sheesh. At any rate, Knight and I enjoyed the movie. It WAS nice to not have to pause it to answer eleventy thousand questions from a three-year-old. :)

Happy New Year, ya'll!

Oh, one other little piece of advice that I've stumbled on in the last day or two... never, EVER try to read the same book that your spouse is reading. It will only end in tears. One of you will inevitably want to read it before going to sleep at night and then will look around to discover that the OTHER one is already reading it. Just sayin'.


Barb said...

Dang it,

Seriously, if my brain had a brain, I would have SO sent you an e-mail invite to come. I used the same list as last year because i am so lame and stressed and, did I mention, DIETING?

Anyway, happy New Year.

we are all so allergied out that we have vaporizers going i every single bedroom. Maybe New York won't have allergies like this???

I wish I had seen you on New Year's Eve. I feel really stupid and horrible and like I got punished because I didn't get to meet you.


Heather said...

We did the same thing we've done since we've had kids. NOTHING! That's OK, it doesn't matter to me.