Thursday, June 7, 2007

More on the ring, and it's not pretty

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on the last post about time-outs. Fortunately, I haven't had to deal with the situation since I wrote it (figures!), but I'm sure it will come up again.

We are now the house of the head-cold. Jet brought something home last week; I took him to the doctor last Tuesday. It was "just" a virus, but it threw him for a loop. Knight and I both woke up miserable this morning. To top it off, my sister-in-law is having surgery today, so we have our nieces here. I absolutely don't mind having them and taking care of them, but I'm concerned they'll take it home with them this weekend. Deanna definitely doesn't need to deal with that.

Anyway, Knight and I both went to the doctor this morning. While I was there, I asked him about my ring and the reaction that I've had to it. He just confirmed what the jeweler said -- I now have a nickel allergy, and I just simply can't wear the ring. I semi-jokingly said that I could have Knight buy me a new platinum one, but the he said that almost all rings are made with a nickel alloy to strengthen the metal. He told me I could wear a plastic one. Great!

"Honey, go win me one o' them there nice plastic ones that costs a whole quarter outta that there bubblegum machine!"

"Why shore, darlin' -- yew know yer worth it!"


Anonymous said...

My dear, I am allergic to nickel, but am able to wear 14 karat gold. If my finger starts to itch or turn red, I simply take my ring off for a day or two. But then, I never wear my ring at night, so my skin always gets a little rest every 24 hrs.Also, never wear your rings when you have your hands in water.
Try these little tips and see what happens.
Love you MOAF.

Lady M said...

Perhaps a 18 or 22k gold ring? Asian jewelry stores commonly carry jewelry with higher gold content, which might help.