Monday, June 4, 2007

Excuse me?

Today has been a good day with Jet. He's a pretty funny kid...

I put him in a T-shirt with a pocket today. To understand the humor, you should know that I've dumped out a ton of dirt from pockets and found countless clean rocks in the bottom of my washing machine. He's definitely ALL BOY.

J: Hey! I have a pock-et!

D: You sure do. What do you put in that pocket?

J, very seriously: Not dirt.

D, stifling a giggle: No, not dirt.

J, still seriously: And not rocks. And not friends. And not peanut budder and jelly samliches.

Later, we were looking at pictures on my computer.

J: I wanna be a farmer!

D: Mmhmmm...

J: I'll be a farmer, and you can be.... a COW!!! Yeah, A COW! You be the COW, MOMMY!!

D: ???..... Gee, thanks.

J: You're welcome, Mommy.


Deanna said...

The fun comes later when he tries to figure out what Daddy will be. Big Daisy was always more fond of sea creatures than farm animals. Consequently, she was a hammerhead shark, and we were mommy, daddy, and grandpa hammerheads. Seems like yesterday...

Heather said...

RIGHT ON! Hahaha

Lady M said...

Please, please no peanut butter sandwiches in the shirt pocket! So funny.