Friday, June 8, 2007


... we interrupt this broadcast to update you on the continuing saga of the refrigerator, which is "continuing", despite the fact that you may have known nothing about it.

Last Monday, Memorial Day, our refrigerator went out. Not like on a date or anything (there's a joke here somewhere about where those little refrigerators come from... "When a mommy refrigerator and a daddy refrigerator really love each other..."). No, it "went out" as in "quit working". This is on the day after I'd been up all night with the dreaded Stomach Flu, which chose to manifest itself in a revisitation of anything and everything I'd eaten since about the eighth grade.

This is also on a holiday when everyone, including the appliance repair people, took a day off. (Good for them. I'm sure they needed a break from all those people hounding them about broken appliances... except, of course, how dare they choose a national holiday that would fall on the same day my refrigerator quit?!?) I called and left an appropriately desparate message for them to please call me back ASAP on Tuesday morning.

So, what with me being sick and completely unable to even think of venturing into the kitchen, my dad came over to help Knight take all the food out of the fridge. Dad took it all back to their house and stuffed it in their refrigerator and freezer. Yay for Dads!

I had to go to work the next morning to finish a few things and check out for the summer. Knight started his new job that day, too. I finished up about 11:30 that morning, and met the refrigerator repairman back at our house at 1:00.

After about half an hour, he determined that the circuit-board-something-or-other needed to be replaced. Did they have the part? No, ma'am. They'd have to order it and it would be in by Friday. Fantastic. Four days without a fridge.

I managed to keep busy for the next few days, and Friday rolled around. The nice lady at the repair shop called to say that they had the part and would I be around on Saturday? Yes, we're having a yard sale, but he can come fix the fridge. Please come fix the fridge.

Now, have you ever had a yard sale? If you have, then you probably know that your whole house looks like a tornado ripped through it because you've been digging around, gathering things to sell. Combine that with a few breakfast taco wrappers and a plate of unfinished pancakes from Whataburger, a yard sale in full swing, and two toddlers running around... and you have a fairly clear picture of our house at 10:00 that Saturday when he came back to install the thingamajig.

About two hours later, we had a hallelujah moment because the ice maker dumped the first batch of ice. I'll never take ice water for granted again.

My sister in law Deanna had come up to hang out and help with the yard sale. After the yard sale finished and I made a trip to Goodwill with the leftovers, she went with me to gather up my food from Mom's house and hit the grocery store. We grilled burgers for dinner, and God saw that it was good. There was evening and there was morning - the first full day with a working fridge.

Fast forward five days to last night. I was feeling sick with this head cold, and a bit stressed, so what's the cure? Why, ice cream, of course!! As I scooped, I noticed that it was a bit soft. Posessing scientific observation and reasoning skills, I deduced that the freezer was going out again. Sure enough, when I opened it and looked, the back was covered in frost. Again.

Called and left another message. She called back. Is your freezer freezing over again? Yes. I can send him back out at noon. Will you be there? Yes, thanks.

He should be here in about an hour. Wish us luck!

... we now return you to your original broadcast...

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