Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Everyone's a comedian

Jet rarely poops in his pull-up these days. One of my first goals after school lets out is to get this kid potty-trained. He really is ready.

Tonight, however, I guess he was distracted or something and laid a big one in there. Like a good mommy, I sat on the floor and changed it during House without even waiting for a commercial.

After I was finished, I stood him up and asked for a hug. He gave me one, and I said, "I love you."

He was being all goofy, dancing around, and said, "Iloveyoutoo!!!"

I said, "No, tell me serious."

He looked me dead in the face and said (and I promise I'm not making this up), "Serious."


Deanna said...

Ask, and ye shall receive....

Lady M said...

He's ready for his closeup.

Heather said...