Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sleeping and groceries and budgets, oh my

Jet is making progress on The Plan. He's falling asleep in his own bed; most nights we don't really have to argue with him.

However, he's become quite stealthy during Operation Climb into Mommy and Daddy's Bed in the Middle of the Night. I don't even know he's there until my alarm goes off at 4:45. This realization makes me wonder if it's worth fighting the battle. Originally, the problem was that he was keeping me awake. If I don't know he's there, then...???

But I really would like for him to sleep in his own bed all night, because it's what he's Supposed To Do. Also, when we do have another baby, I'll need to be able to get up with him/her and not worry about Jet waking up. So, it would be nice if he was in that habit before the baby comes. Plus, I don't really know if the three of us and my pregnant belly will all fit in that bed. (No, we're not expecting. Yet.)

I've started looking at Fredericksburg for a get-away spot. Their city website has a neat link that helps you plan your visit. I've never been to Fredericksburg for any length of time, but others have said that it's a nice place to visit.

Updated: Mir replied on WantNot! Go read about her pretty, brilliant ideas!

I've discovered something this week: If I take a few minutes to sketch a plan of what we're having for dinner each night during the week, then I have a better idea of what to buy when I go to the grocery store, instead of kind of assumming I'll have everything on hand. If I actually get the things necessary to cook those meals, there's an increased chance that I'll actually cook them, thus lessening the odds that we'll go out to eat and blow our budget.

You can stop laughing now.

I've been struggling to get a budget together because Knight got a new job in December wherein he gets paid weekly. All of our married life, we've been paid monthly. So, for five years, whenever I decided to do a budget, I just looked at one payday (or possibly two), subtracted the bills and groceries and gas, and divvyed up the rest for debt reduction and fun money. This weekly-paycheck-plus-one-monthly-paycheck has really thrown a wrench in things for me. I spent about 10 hours over a couple of weeks putting together a new budget. I have a new determination to stick to the budget because I've poured so much sweat into it (okay, not really, because the computer would not like it) and because I'm proud of my brain for not exploding during the process.


AuntD said...

Budget, smudget, let's just win the lotto!!

Heather said...

I do the same thing for my grocery list! It makes things so mcuh easier, and I spend less money not buying "one of everything." haha

Damsel said...

D -- I'm thinking that'll be all you, babe. I quit buying tickets! LOL! Maybe it'll be a true miracle and I'll win anyway... Hey, what's that verse? He causes all things to work for good for those who love and honor Him? I can see how lotto earnings would work well for me!! LOL