Friday, July 13, 2007

Technology Schmechnology and Messes

Color me irritated. I figured out how to do the "Read More" thing and now it's messing everything up. Okay, so KNIGHT helped me figure it out. Anyway, it was working great and now it's not and I'm mildy irritated because he's out of town until tomorrow. :) You can still read the entire post if you click the title of the individual posts.

A friend of ours got some free tickets to Promise Keepers this weekend, so Knight went with him. I think it's awesome that he's going. In the past when he's gone, he comes back really on fire. I've been praying that some of that will be contagious for me.

Yesterday, my sister came over and played with Jet. His room was a mess before they came, and it was trashed by the time we got ready to put him to bed (totally not my sister's fault!). Since he gets up in the night to come to our bed, I try to clear a path for him so he doesn't trip over stuff. Last night though, there wasn't even space to do that. I couldn't see carpet anywhere. So, we cleaned up. He does a great job helping, especially if it's something that delays bedtime. :)

This morning, on the way to the bathroom, I looked in his room, having temporarily forgotten that we cleaned. I was pleasantly surprised and mentioned it to Jet. "Hey, look! Your room is all clean!". He remembered, too. "Yeah, mommy, we cleaned up!"

After the potty, he wandered in his room and said, "I'm gonna make a MESS!" He proceeded to grab a few toys and throw them in the middle of the floor.

Supressing a laugh at his boy-ness (!!), I had a short discussion about how we can get out toys to play with them, but not just to mess up his room. If he wasn't going to play with it, he needed to put it back in the toy box. He tilted his head and kind of looked at me funny, but said "Okay, Mommy."

I suppose throwing the toys in the middle of the floor with the express purpose of making a mess may be considered "playing" with the toys in the mind of my three-year-old son. :)


Heather said...

Too cute! Hey, I thought Promise Keepers was a men's only type thing. Has it changed?

Damsel said...

It is a men's only event -- I just think it's fabulous that the guys get some affirmation that way. He really, really enjoys the "guy time"!!

Heather said...

OH! When you said "contagious for me" I was thinking you went too! Oops! I understand now.

Anna said...

Really, boys just gotta be boys!