Sunday, July 8, 2007


On a trip to Mexico a few months ago, my mom brought back a wooden top for Jet. It consists of a wooden handle, the spinning top, and a black shoestring. Jet and Knight played with it for several days in a row on the the kitchen floor whilst I was attempting to cook dinner. Soon, though, it was relegated to the toy box.

Today, though, Jet rediscovered it. However, the plastic thing had come off of one end of the shoelace, making it frayed and impossible to thread through the hole on the spinning top.

So Jet did what any intelligent young man would do. He brought it to Daddy, Fixer-of-All-Things-Broken.

J, holding up frayed end of shoestring: Daddy, the stick came off of it

K, pointing to the other end of the shoestring on the ground: There's a stick on the other end.

J, turning in complete circles, looking everywhere but the end of the shoestring: Where?

K: Bring it here.

J,toddling over to Daddy and holding up string: OK.

K, lifting the string so that the end with the stick is dangling at Jet's eye-level: Here, this end.

J, eyes wide: *slow, audible, astonished intake of breath* Woahhhhhhhhh.... That's awesome...

If only it would stay that easy... to set his world to rights and be his forever hero. I imagine, though, that Daddy will always be his hero, even when it's not cool to say it out loud.

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