Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rain, rain, go away

Doesn't the rain know that we have swim lessons this week? It could have at least waited until Friday. (We only have swim lessons Monday-Thursday.) It's supposed to rain tomorrow, too. I wonder if we get make-up days? I know they can't control the weather, but it bugs me that I paid for eight days of swim lessons, but might end up only getting six. I couldn't find any info on their website about it.

Other things, namely Jet's underwears, have been mostly dry all morning, except for the time that I sent him to the bathroom and realized I had to go, too. I went to the other bathroom and took care of things as quickly as possible. When I came around the corner to check on him, I arrived just in time to see him dunking his underwear up and down in the potty.

I was rendered momentarily speechless, with the thought of "Why on earth would anyone...???" running through my head. I quickly regained control before he could actually flush them.

In a flash of insanity, I questioned Jet about his antics.

Me: "Jet! What are you doing?"

Jet: ...??? *dunk, dunk, splash*

Me: "Well, stop it!"

Jet: *grin*, *dunk, dunk, splash* "Look what I could do!"

Fortunately, he hadn't done a Big Job, but may have tinkled in the potty. I couldn't tell.

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auntiebeez said...

HAHAHA!! Mikel and I are cracking up! "Why on earth would anyone....??" Bah-ha!