Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well, it's better than the alternative.

I think thirty would be better if I was well.

I was okay most of the morning, when I had to sit through a video for inservice. And I was mostly okay when 10 of my co-teachers went out to lunch with me to celebrate. I was especially okay when one of them suprised me by ordering a slice of strawberry cheesecake for me. I only felt guilty for about a nanosecond... and then for a few minutes more after I actually put it in my points calculator online after we got back to school, but by then I was so stinkin' tired, I didn't really care.

Finally, about 2:00, I gave up and called the doctors' office. The nice appointment lady didn't have anything with my doctor today, but finally consented to let me slide in and see the PA (who I really like anyway). She let me bring Jet to be seen at the same time, since he was the one who brought this crud home.

I left my 10-mile-long to-do Post-It dangling from the monitor and took off, promising myself I'd either go back to work tonight, even though it IS my birthday, or come in early tomorrow. Because, HELLO, the KIDS COME TOMORROW. FOR SCHOOL. And I think they are expecting a PREPARED TEACHER. Or, at the very least, the tuition-paying parents would probably appreciate it. And I think I'm a work-aholic. I prefer to call it a "very strong work ethic."

(Lemme just tell you now that I'm already contemplating putting on my PJ's. It's 7:30 p.m.)

Of course, Jet is mostly fine, so she had some samples of decongestants for him. Me?? Ohhhh, no. I don't get off so easy. Sinus infection. Yaay.

So, thirty dollars in office visit copays and EIGHTY dollars in prescription copays later, here I sit, having not had an appetite but drinking some chicken broth (zero points!) to hopefully stave off antibiotic-induced nausea. I think I'll see if Knight will just let me cruise on to bed and drift into dreamland while he takes care of Jet.

I'm SUCH a party girl. See what getting old has done to me?


Anonymous said...

Yuck! That's no way to start a new year! You have heard of Air-Borne, right? My favorite stuff. And, I think I've finally caught on to my school's motives, they keep turning the air off (or up) at 4 and so by way 5, 6 o'clock it's 85 in my room. I guess that's how they keep us from staying late and making us go home to our families!

Ry said...

Well, it may suck and all, but at least you did something about it RIGHT away! That's good!

Lady M said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure you're just getting rid of the next decade's bad luck in one day.

Bananas said...

I hope you're finally feeling better! My 30th is coming up fast. I'd hoped to do something fabulous but it's looking less and less likely. Maybe I'll just hope NOT to be sick! ;)