Monday, August 27, 2007

It's finally smoothing out...

We're starting to get back in the routine. Life is always hectic during the beginning of the school year for our family. I work 10+ hour days, and poor Knight and Jet have to basically fend for themselves.

We did have an enjoyable weekend, though. We had free tickets to Schlitterbahn, so we went on Saturday, along with my sis-in-law and her family. It was SOOOO fun. Jet has never been much of a water kid, but I really think that swim lessons this summer helped. The water park has a TON of litte-kid areas, with a million different things squirting water into an area where the water is less than a foot deep. He warmed up to it pretty quickly.

In other news, I've lost 7.6 pounds in three weeks on Weight Watchers. The system really works for me. I'm a scientist at heart, so the point-counting, data-gathering-and-tracking, and form-filling tickles me to no end. I love to look back over the weeks and see my progress in charts and graphs. :-P Plus, it's online, and I have ONE meeting, ONE block of thirty minutes every week that is ALL ABOUT ME, and doing something I'm happy to be doing. Knight is so supportive and keeps Jet without one single complaint so that I can go to the meetings.

School is going well... I've sufficiently scared the new crop of 8th graders. They don't so much as blink without say-so in my class, which is exactly how I want them for the first few weeks. Soon, we'll loosen up and they'll learn how to read me.

That's all for now! As usual, I'll try to update more frequently!


Ry said...

Congrats! That's a lot of weight to lose!!

Anonymous said...

The beginning of the school year is always a mess for parents. We should get an award for surviving each year

Barb Matijevich said...

Oh, you shame me. I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm UP ANOTHER TWO POUNDS. I thought I was trying but it turns out I was just deluding myself. Time to get serious--thanks for the inspiration.