Saturday, April 14, 2007

We're off to see the Manatee

... the wonderful Manatee of Dallas.

How can I be up at the same stinkin' time I'm always up, but it seem soooooooooooo much earlier because it's a Saturday? I think my brain is playing tricks on me.

I'm taking some of my Science Club members to Dallas today. They've been selling snacks before school and doing other fundraisers all year, and this trip has been the major goal. So, after I juggled the school calendar and finally found a date that might not conflict with the zillion other clubs/athletic teams/etc (I even politely asked the theater teacher to move her cast party -- she was wonderfully gracious and said it really wasn't a big deal to push it to next week)... we are going to the Dallas World Aquarium and the Palace of Wax/Ripley's Believe it or Not.

I've been to both of those places when we were living in Dallas, and they're both cool. I actually took huge groups of students to the aquarium on field trips for three years running (like 200 students at a time). I look back on those field trips and just shake my head like What was I thinking!?!? Today's trip should be much more fun -- less stress. Because ask me how many kids I'm taking. Go ahead.

SIX. Out of 22 kids in my science club, only six decided to go. So, it's me, six kids, the Bible teacher, and one parent. I think it'll be a BLAST. Fewer kids = easier time deciding what to do for lunch, etc.

Knight and Jet have the whole day to themselves; the testosterone should be oozing from the cracks in the house by the time I get back at 9:00 tonight. I say that with glee for them -- Jet needs this kind of time with his daddy. I know they'll have a great day together.


Anonymous said...

Heh, I just went to Dallas and I didn't do either! Although I did drive by Ripley's, it was near an apartment complex my friends decided not to rent in :P

Ry said...

Hope y'all have fun! 1 adult to 2 kids! Awesome! No losing anyone! Haha. Sounds like an enjoyable day for everyone!

Lady M said...

Sounds like a fun day!

By the way, fellow office supplies fan, I made it out of the supply aisle today with just a staple remover. Amazing!

Damsel said...

You ROCK, Lady M. I'm so proud of you (and a mite awed at your powers of self-control).