Sunday, April 8, 2007


Today was a great Easter. It was the first Easter wherein Jet actually "got" the whole Easter-egg thing. We're working on the spiritual aspect, too, but I think he's a little young for the nuts and bolts of the Resurrection.

I went a tiny bit overboard on getting things for his Easter basket, and decided to put some things away for later, namely, the three coloring books, four canisters of play-doh, five of the six bottles of bubbles (What? They come in packages of six, okay!?!), and a couple of other things that I can't remember right now.

I picked out some Easter eggs for Jet that were sports-themed, patterned like soccer balls, baseballs, footballs and basketballs. I had gotten the same ones for him last year, and he played with them for months. I finally cleared them all out after we moved into our new house. In October.

I bought some Smarties candies to put in the eggs, because he really likes those. I also bought some Miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to put in the eggs because I really like those. :D Also, did you know that you can buy bags of just black jellybeans?!? Eww. I bought some for Knight because he really likes them, but... just... eww.

I felt like an eejit, though, when I got ready to put the candy in the eggs because... guess what? Full-size Smarties rolls are approximately 1/4" longer than your average Easter egg. Doesn't seem to matter how you squoosh the roll, it just. doesn't. fit... unless you pulverize the candy in your frustration to jam the dumb roll into the blasted egg, reveling briefly in your triumph before realizing what poor kid wants to crack open an Easter egg to find a crumpled Smartie wrapper and Smartie-candy powder? What? You didn't need this advice?

Anyway, he had a good time finding all the eggs this morning. Knight had to be at church early for worship team rehearsal (he runs the sound board), so he missed out. I kinda feel bad about that, but I also wasn't interested in rousing the youngster at 6:30 this morning to do it before he left.

Is not liking Peeps genetic? Does anybody actually eat them or do they just go stale on pantry shelves in every house in America? I've never liked them. Jet doesn't either, apparently. He bit the ear off one bunny and promptly opened his mouth, letting the offending fluffiness fall directly on the carpet. For the record, I actually tasted them this year, for the first time since I was about 10. I'm almost 30 now, and I still think they're gross. Only, I actually swallowed my ear, because, you know, tactful people do that.

I think the sure sign that the boy had too much candy was when he ran no less than twenty laps around our living room after church. Not even kidding. Then he refused to take a nap (which really isn't anything new). Instead, he ran ten more laps. He ran a few more after dinner, then passed out in his PaPa's lap at 7:30.

I've hardly known what to do with myself since then. It's been so long since I've had an evening without wrestling him to bed... Suffice it to say that The Plan hasn't been going so well. We keep telling ourselves that it's because he's been sleeping in until the crack of 7:30. (Before, when he was going to bed so well, we were having to get him up at 6:00.) Lately, we've been lucky to get him to sleep by 9:00! I think PaPa should come over every night!


Lady M said...

I'll take those Peeps. ;) Happy Easter!

Deanna said...

Now I'm chuckle every time I hear a rapper talk about his "peeps". Anyway, no love for peeps from this side of Jet's family either, but man, pass me those robin's eggs!! Which reminds me that I haven't gotten any this year....gotta go, I bet they still have some at the store.

Damsel said...

Deanna, I bet they're on sale, too! That means you can buy extra!!

Ry said...