Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Out of the mouth of the babe

While adjusting his blanket this evening: "I need some help, here!"

To get me to stop holding something: "Let go for it."

The first thing he tells me when I ask him what he did at school that day: "I held hands with Eva." (His teacher tells me he also kisses her on the cheek.)

Edited to add:
When holding the door open for me as we leave his school everyday: "I'm being a gemblemen."


Deanna said...

that's my nephew.....

Lady M said...

Very articulate! Much better than the occasional grunting we get around here instead of calls for assistance . . (and that's from the adults).

Heather said...

Ladies man already? Better lock your doors! ;)

Damsel said...

He is quite articulate. It's disarming sometimes to hear these words and complete sentences coming out of such a little person. I used to wonder if he really knew what he was saying, but I don't ever doubt it anymore.

He IS a ladies' man. It's scary! Of course, Knight is teaching him how to be a gentleman. I'll edit this post and add another quote!

acceb127 said...

-Aunt Me: "What does the dog say?"
-Jet: "Arf Arf!"

-Aunt Me: "What does the frog say?"
-Jet: "Rrrrribbet!"

-Aunt Me: "What does the horse say?"
-Jet: "Neigh!"

-Aunt Me: "What does Aunt Me say?"
***Preferred answer: "I love you."
-Jet's actual answer: "...Moo??"

Damsel said...

LOL, Beez! I'd forgotten that one!!