Monday, March 26, 2007


What a weekend! I had a great time at the women's retreat with ladies from our church.

There was a tad bit of disappointment, though. You see, I pink puffy heart naps. I'm a serious napper. I get back into my jammies, take out my contacts, and zonk out. If I have to shower all over again after the nap, I'm okay with that.

So, when we got to the retreat Friday night and they gave us the schedule, I was elated to see that they had given us a three-hour block of free time on Saturday afternoon. They had provided suggestions of what we could do with our free time. The first one on the list? Yep - NAP. Yipee! My body already began to feel what it would be like to stretch out between the sheets, without having to worry that Knight would need me to help with Jet because he had to be somewhere at a certain time. I could just sleep. That's what I call "retreating".

We did Beth Moore's Loving Well study, and it was great. The first video session was Friday night, followed by small group time, and then free time. I stayed up until after midnight talking with the girls in my room. It was a great time!

Saturday morning, just before our first video session, it was announced that we needed to check out of our rooms by noon. What?!?!? No bed in which to nap?

This would not have been such a huge disappointment had they not put "nap" on the suggestion list. I guess I assummed that the rooms would still be available since that was a suggestion. I was cranky about this for awhile, having turned into a pumpkin the night before because I was planning on de-pumpkining with a nap the next day.

However, one of the ladies taught a bunch of us how to play Nertz, which totally appealed to my competitive self, so all was well. Also, I did not know until just now that it is a wildly popular game. I'd never heard of it, but when I googled it, I received 48,000 results. Totally surprised me!

P.S. I got my nap Sunday afternoon. Yay for my Knight in Shining Armor, who had the house clean, laundry done, and STILL let me take a nap on Sunday! *swoon* Thank you, honey!

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Heather said...

How sweet! And how funny about Nertz. I was just watching an old I Love Lucy episode and she used the phrase Nertz for Mertz or something like that as a smear campaign against Ethel. I was thinking to myself that I have to look up that phrase. Now, I'm not so sure I should try. Haha. Glad you had a good time!