Friday, March 16, 2007

The Clock

On one of my trips to my parents' house yesterday, I found a couple of our things still there, so I went ahead and brought them over.

Jet discovered one of them in the kitchen this morning, and promptly went to "stand on the clock".

Sorry for the fuzzy image... we've been discussing getting a new digital camera since ours is almost four years old. It was our splurge when we found out we were pregnant with Jet. Anyway, I think it's about time to put it on our wishlist.

I touched up Jet's room this morning. By the time I had finished "touching up", I realized that I had touched up forty-seven thousand spots, and probably should have just done a second coat. I just didn't have it in me, though. I'll admit that, if I were paying someone to paint this room for me, I'd be a LOT pickier about it... For now though, since it's my first attempt at painting a room, I'll be proud that I did it! Hopefully it'll be better once I get all the furniture back in and stuff on the walls.

One of my ideas for decorating the biggest wall is to put up a couple of strings and use clothespins to display some of the artwork that Jet brings home from playschool. I'm also going to put up some 9x12 prints of some of his favorite toys I had made for another project that didn't get done. :) That project is now going in the living room, so I'm going to use family pictures for it. (More on that one later.) I bought twine at Home Depot yesterday, and I'm going to go to Office Whichever-One-Is-In-Town (Depot? Max? I dunno.) to get those HUGE pushpins to hold it up.

I'm also going back to Home Depot today to get bulbs to plant in the front yard. I picked out gladiolas, but my flower-growing Grandad Bill says that they may not do well on the north side of the house. He recommended cannas, so I'll look at those. I think they'll be great! I also have to get some mulch.

I'm making another trip to my parents' house to borrow some of my mom's gardening tools. (I hereby solemnly swear to promptly return them.) I also need some rocks. ("I know it's a rock! I spend a lotta time around rocks!")

First, I have to clean out my trunk to hold all of that stuff... and this is the reason why I'm procrastinating by writing this post first.

So, more pictures later!

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