Thursday, March 8, 2007

ANOTHER week?!?!

So, here I am again. Another week has gone by in which I haven't posted. Things have been crazy, including...

  • NOT going on the mission trip last week due to a sinus infection
  • Healing from the sinus infection
  • Getting caught up on lesson plans at work
  • Delving into Love and Respect with Knight, which has been extremely, incredibly, amazingly rewarding, but emotionally exhausting
  • Doing a tie-dye lab with my chemistry class that almost turned into more than I could manage, but that ultimately went fabulously and we all get to wear the shirts to school tomorrow for a class picture
  • Grading papers like a mad woman because the term ends and report cards are emailed tomorrow
  • Completing and sticking to a skinny budget for March -- lots of little, extra things to pay for this month, it seems, and they all add up to a good-sized chunk -- the budget is constantly running in the background of my mind
  • Continuing to pray for faith and strength to obey as it seems God is directing me to NOT look for a job and trust Him to provide for our family (directly related to budget concerns, this one is)
  • Counting the days, hours, and minutes until Spring Break starts at 3:30 tomorrow

Other than that, of course, I've been lounging around eating bon-bons and drinking champagne in my bubble bath. How about you?

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Heather said...

I'm STILL trying to get these dry sockets to close up. Sounds like we've both had a FUN week :^(