Monday, January 22, 2007

... and those Lemonades? They're awful. I promise.

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time again. They're smart to start selling them right around the time that people's resolve about their resolutions starts to falter.

My sister brought over some of the Lemonades. They're shortbread with lemon frosting on the bottom. As a favor, we finished them for her. Saved her from the temptation. That's what big sisters do, you know... Sacrifice LEFT and RIGHT for those little sisters.

The next day, a very cute little girl (about five or six years old) rang our doorbell. Who says no to a Girl Scout? Not me, I tell ya. I'm supportive. Bought three more boxes of cookies. Thin Mints for Knight (he freezes them), more Lemonades, and those Caramel Delights (my favorites).

The plan was to only eat part of the box of Lemonades, then give the rest to my sister to replace what we ate. At least we had a plan, right? I mean, that's good for partial credit or something, right?

A few hours after the cute little girl scout with the big, brown, pleading eyes conned me out of $10.50 and into about eleventy thousand extra calories, I received an email from my sister-in-law. Yep, you guessed it. Our niece is selling them, too. Not that I didn't see it coming. Again, I can't turn down a Girl Scout. Especially my niece. So I ordered one each of the Lemonades, Peanut Butter Patties, Thin Mints, Caramel Delights... and maybe one other one, but I can't remember just now. Kinda overloaded on sugar from the rest of the Lemonades that were supposed to go back to my sister.

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Heather said...

My Little Artist is in GS. We don't have those Lemonade cookies. Hmmm.....or the caramel ones either, I don't think. ISn't that funny? We have the other ones you mentioned.