Sunday, November 4, 2007


They're finally here. The Never-Ending Whys of the Three Year Old.

Jet and I had our first exchange of the whys-and-becauses a few days ago. We were in my room. I can't remember what started it, but I do remember what ended it.

"Because I said so."

Hey, at least I never lied to myself and said, "I'll never say that!".


ann said...

hey there! it was great to read your posts again! i hope all is going well . . . enjoy your reading time. (smirk - sorry i couldn't resist!) i know it must be terrible, if you are having a hard time getting into it! maybe you could write about that in the paper??? gently of course.

Heather said...

I lied to MYSELF and was sure I'd never say that! Yeah, that ended years ago! ;)

Deanna said...

I've considered having that phrase tatooed on my forehear, just to conserve energy.