Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sick day

I'm home sick today. It started on Sunday evening with the classic runny nose... and progressed to a full-blown head cold. Sinus pain and stuffed ears. I taught heroically yesterday, but was drained after my shower this morning.

I was also supposed to go on a mission trip with my sophomore homeroom this week. Our school has a unique program called Impact Education. All kids (PK-12th) learn about missions in classes, and all of the secondary grades (7th-12th) take a mission trip every year. My sophomores are going to Oklahoma to help log hours for a family in a Habitat for Humanity-type situation. As much as I was really looking forward to going with them, I just can't.

I got up as usual this morning and showered, then came into the living room and plopped on the couch. About five minutes later, I realized that I'd been composing lesson plans for a sub in my head, trying to switch around my lessons to make them sub-suitable... and started calling to find someone to go in for me. I finally found someone after waking up approximately 7 people at 6:00 a.m. who weren't available. (Hey, don't get pissy. YOU'RE the one who signed up to sub.)

Then I went back to bed for awhile, and woke up to help Knight get Jet ready to go to school. Jet didn't want to get up. He wanted to stay in bed and cuddle me. He kept whining, "No, no, no" when we tried to entice him by listing all the fun things he loves to do at his playschool.

He's been doing things like this lately. Saying "No, Mommy, don't go to work today."

To me, it's just more confirmation that I'm supposed to stay home next year... Yay!

Anyway, I went back to bed at 9:00 and Knight called at 12:30 and woke me up. I ate a bowl of cereal, wandered around the blogosphere a bit, and am posting this. I believe I'll be back in bed within the next half-hour.

It just seems to work better if I'll take one day off and rest, rather than dragging out the days trying to fight it...

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Heather said...

poor dear. i'm with ya, with this post-op recovery. ack! so sweet that God works through Jet to confirm your SAHM status for next year!