Thursday, February 1, 2007


I got rear-ended on the way to school today. It wasn't very bad -- there's no visible damage to my car. I'm pretty stiff and sore, though, and I'm sure I'll be worse tomorrow.

We called the police and waited only about 25 minutes for an officer, which wasn't bad, considering that the roads were wet and I'm sure there were far worse accidents on the road. The woman that hit me was pretty nice, but I think she was peeved that I wanted to wait on the police when there wasn't any visible damage to the car.

I ended up leaving school about an hour early to see my doctor. He had x-rays taken and did the little neurological tests on me. He said it's just whiplash and sent me home with some anti-inflammatory samples.

One of my students rides to school with me. I've known his family about 12 years. (Jet calls him "Gran-din".) He wasn't feeling too hot, so his dad picked him up from school about noon and took him to the emergency room. He just called to update me and said that they found an abnormality on his x-ray, so they're going to give him a CT scan.

I feel awful. I know it wasn't my fault that we got rear-ended, but I feel responsible for Gran-din when he's with me. His dad's an understanding guy, so I'm not worried that he's going to get all weird. I just really hope he's okay!

Update: Gran-din is okay. The CT scan was clear, and he was sent home with some medication to help him sleep. Yay for sleepy drugs!