Friday, January 12, 2007


In the beginning....

I wrote my first post.

I decided to blog because I wanted to educate the world on things most important -- happenings in my family's life.

Okay. Not really.

Maybe I wanted to document these things because I'm terrified I'll forget the most hilarious, touching, heart-wrenching moments.

Maybe it's a creative outlet.

Maybe I'm jealous of the women whose blogs I currently read -- of their ability to communicate so creatively and effectively. I'm a firm believer in the idea that practice makes perfect for these sorts of things, so...

Here we go!!!


sleepdoc said...

Does this mean that I can wax eloquent on your blog?

Anonymous said...

Well, bless your little pea-picking heart. So glad you're going to share with us.
Just remember, some days you're the bird and some day you're the statue.

Damsel said...

Wax away, Dad. And I'll try to be the bird more often than the statue. :)